A sprawling cluster of suburbs, Greater Springfield is a metropolis in its own right. Springfield is Queensland’s most impressive urban development project and the fastest growing one in the land. Greater Springfield and its environs boast a population of 43,000 and counting. The dream of living the good life is what brought the good people of Greater Springfield to this conurbation. And we’re here to serve as well, because a trusty Springfield Lakes electrician can make the good life that much better.  Because of the desire to serve in a growing, bustling, master-planned community, JTB Electrical is passionate to serve Springfield Lakes.

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What’s so Special About Greater Springfield?

New home to the Brisbane Lions AFL football club and speckled with sporting fields, this is an ambitious city!  Developed only 26km from downtown Brisbane, it is the archetypical 21st century city. Furthermore, Greater Springfield boasts its own university and lifelong learning facilities.  Also recently built is a hospital and several community health centres.  In addition, for entertainment, there are world-class cinemas, thriving restaurants, and a buzzing market.

But it’s not all down to sports, food, and entertainment. Greater Springfield features world-leading educational and health facilities.  Most importantly, the City now has fantastic links to Brisbane.  The City contains cutting-edge technology infrastructure, and a buzzing business network hallmarked by the likes of GE. Greater Springfield serves as a blueprint for a new generation of urban planning. And at JTB Electrical, we’re happy to ride the momentum and bring the people of Springfield the kind of electrician Brisbane could only hope for.

JTB Electrical is Here to Stay

Australia’s first privately built city and largest master-planned urban development is an award-winning project of international repute. It’s bound to amass a population of over 105,000 by 2030, as envisioned by its founder. As the city expands, it needs more energy to stay ahead of the curve. And as the number of homes may well exceed 25,000, the people of Greater Springfield will need electricians that they can depend on in the good times, as well as the bad.

JTB Electrical has fully qualified, certified, and insured professionals on their team.  So, JTB Electrical is ideally placed to help the Springfield Lakes locals live their best lives. We specialize in a wide range of services to suit the needs of the residents and their businesses. From the moment the locals move into a new home or start a business here, and all through their daily life, we can help them live the dream. Whether it’s electrical repairs, renovations, regular power box check-ups, maintenance work, air con issues, or safety switch replacements, we’re here to look after the locals and keep Springfield amazing.

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Electricians You Can Depend On

This emerging conurbation two decades in the making was built from the ground up by billionaire octogenarian Maha Sinnathamby. And it’s nothing short of amazing. That’s why JTB Electrical make it their business to service residents and businesses in this area. For over 10 years and counting, JTB have had the privilege to send out a Springfield Lakes electrician whenever one was needed. And JTB Electrical is committed to carrying on operating as a preferred Springfield Lakes electrician service. Because a reliable supply of electricity is critical for turbocharged business and personal growth.

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As this spectacular city with no power poles takes on its new mission to go off-grid, it’s businesses like ours that must come to the fore and step up their game. With the support of the local community, we hope to be able to supply a Springfield Lakes electrician that people can depend on for every job and for many years to come.

JTB Electrical is the community electrician of choice for so many people in Springfield Lakes, Brookwater and Augustine Heights.   JTB Electrical is honoured to serve and look after the homes and businesses of this thriving project.  An amazing master-planned community, decades ahead of its time!

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