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As a residential electrician Brisbane homeowners can rely on, we see a lot of properties across the city for a wide range of electrical issues. Sometimes, our clients just want to make sure that a fault they have detected with an appliance is nothing serious and ask for a safety inspection. On other occasions, however, we are called in to look at specific issues. The top three are lights, fans and power points. Read on to find out more about how JTB Electrical, as a residential electrician Brisbane householders can trust, deals with the most common issues relating to them.

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To begin with, lighting falls into two categories.

Firstly, there are the lighting appliances you plug in like any other appliance.  These are lights such as bedside lamps and standard lamps. We treat these like other electrical appliances and do the same safety testing.  It is important to ensure they are in good working condition.

The other type of lighting is run on a separate circuit from the rest of the home. This usually has wiring that is recessed for fittings like wall lights and ceiling lights. The most frequent reasons to call out a residential electrician for these sorts of light is an intermittent fault. If your lighting circuit keeps tripping out, then it could be that there is a fault with the wiring.  Or, it could be a loose switch or even a faulty fitting. Such problems should not be left unattended to because they can indicate a genuine safety concern.

We don’t just repair and fix faults with lighting, however. Much of our work also involves rewiring lighting circuits or to provide additional wall lights and so on. More and more residents in Brisbane ask us to fit external light fittings, for example. As with all things, there are trends and much of the lighting we work we undertake is to do with LED lighting these days.

For further information on modern lighting installations, including the many benefits, see our article HERE: Professional Electrician Lighting Installations


With so many ceiling fans in use across the City, knowing the number of a residential electrician Brisbane residents can turn to fix them is a good idea. At JTB Electrical, we regularly attend to calls for ceiling fans.  We install new ceiling fans – inside and outside!  And we have repaired numerous fans all over the City to make sure they are safe and cooling optimally. Our work complies with the Electrical Safety Act of 2002.  This is important when you are dealing with devices like fans that run on electrical motor, sometimes for hours on end. Like our work with lighting, we carry out repairs and new installation works to ensure the City’s residents remain ool, no matter how hot it is outside.

Power Points

We fit new power points (or sockets, depending on your preferred term!) At JTB Electrical, we can provide you with more power points in locations where you might need them.  Often, additional points are needed in places such as at a computer desk where you need to plug in multiple devices. One proviso is that if too many new points are needed, additional upgrading of the electrical system may be required.  We are able to advise and help out with Switchboard Upgrades, should that be needed.  It is also critical to have a “Safety Switch” or Residual Current Device (RCD) in homes.  Please contact us for advice on any of these areas.

Of course, old, dirty and cracked power points should be replaced before they become a problem. Not only are they safer when new, but old-style power points make a home look unappealing. Changing them can refresh the entire look of a room.  This is especially so when you opt for power points that look a little more classy than what was there before. Electrician Brisbane

Call JTB Electrical, your residential electrician Brisbane householders trust, to deal with your lighting, fans and power point needs.