It is hard to believe with the summer we have had, but there are mere months to winter.  So, homeowners in Queensland will soon be looking for ways to make their homes warmer in the cold season. And the sooner they do the better, because some Queensland houses are particularly vulnerable to the cold. But believe it or not, making your home warmer and more inviting can be as simple as calling your friendly electrician.

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If your house is chilly, even in a sunburnt country like ours, the reason could be a combination of factors. For many, it’s a matter of placing furniture in cold spots and having too many bare windows. But it’s not unusual for people to complain of other sources of cold.  A lack of sunshine entering a room, draughts due to ill-fitting windows and doors, or cracked floorboards that allow warm air to escape.

These all have an impact on how warm a house feels in the colder months. However, it’s usually poor local building designs that are to blame for chilly houses. Just about all the houses built before the turn of the millennium, when the first energy efficiency standards became mandatory, were designed for a warm climate. Every Brisbane electrician knows that houses in Queensland aren’t really set up for near-freezing temperatures. But it’s not all bad news! There are a few ways to make your house toasty in the winter without soaring energy bills.

Upgrade and Maintain Heating Appliances

Air conditioner filters need to be cleaned every 3 months, which homeowners can do themselves.  However, air conditioners need to be professionally serviced every year to keep running and heating efficiently. JTB Electrical can install an air conditioning system for you and check it regularly. The same goes for pool filters, electric blankets, fans, and portable heaters. Compare electrical products ahead of time to make sure you find the right ones before the winter sale rush.  In rush decisions, the wrong choice can be made!  A good electrician can recommend products to suit your living space and heating requirements.

Draughtproof Your Home

There’s no shortage of products designed to keep draughts at bay. Blinds, curtains, carpets, rugs, mats, door runners, and draught excluder cushions are more than basic furnishings. They stop warm air from escaping through floors, walls, windows, letter plates, cat flaps, etc. But don’t underestimate the power of window seal strips, insulation shrink film, expanding foam, and sealant. These products are all worthwhile, especially if insulation for floors and walls is not affordable or viable.

Find Cold Spots

For draught excluding products to truly be effective, every little cold spot needs to be taken care of. Otherwise, heat will simply escape from any available spot.  Under skirting, along pipes, around sockets, or other little crevices might be too small to see with the naked eye. But you can be sure the cold air will find them!  To pin-point draughts and thermal leaks in the house, it is possible to use smoke pencils or pellets. But there are various easy-to-use handheld digital devices on the market with real-time readings that are far more accurate and elegant. Whichever you use, it will help you identify the repairs and furnishings that are needed to reduce your energy bills and keep the house toasty through winter.

Think Backwards

As for ceiling fans, switch them to reverse mode, so that they push warm air back into the room.  Ceiling fans with reverse mode aren’t the common, everyday variety, but they are available.

Time Your Sun Basking

People nowadays can’t waste solar heat. It’s such a spectacular source of energy.  Even if you don’t have solar panels yet, you can still take advantage of the sun’s rays for winter heating.  If you have north-facing windows, take advantage of them and let sun shine through every morning. Draw the curtains back at noon. Then move on to your west-facing windows and pull the shades or curtains. After a few hours of basking in the sun, draw these curtains back as well. If you’re not home, can you consider using smart app-enabled blind and curtain drawers? While you are at home, why not place some solar-powered chargers by the window.  These can be used to store energy and help reduce your bills further.

JTB for Your Winter Electrical Needs

Do you need the assistance of an electrician to help with installing, repairing, or maintaining your heating appliances? Then, we warmly invite you to contact JTB Electrical. We’re more than happy to talk about what we can do for you.  We’re here for you with help and advice. Let’s make a connection, and let’s make it electrical!

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