Functional smoke detectors are a lifesaving and legal requirement in Queensland homes. We are able to provide a quality installation of smoke detectors for your home in line with the latest QFES Legislation.

New legislation for rental properties will be enforced from January 1 2022 and January 1 2027 for private dwellings.

For detailed information check out the latest legislation and home owner requirements you can find a QFES fact sheet here

We all care for the safety of our family and property.  The new regulations for smoke alarms in rental properties are designed to keep you, your family and property safe.

Whether a landlord, tenant or a property manager, we can help.  If you need any information about smoke alarm installation Brisbane, Brisbane or surrounds, call us.  It pays to call a licensed electrician for advice.  Give JTB Electrical a call today.

Important new rules have been put in place in response to some terrible tragedies involving fires and rental properties.  One of the changes is to utilise the latest technology in smoke alarms.  This latest technology represents a much improved solution to the problem of alerting tenants to the danger of fire.  New smoke alarms are made using photoelectric technology.  Photoelectric smoke alarms are more sensitive, and more reliable.  Additionally, new build properties are required to have hard wired smoke alarms in rental properties.  These modern domestic smoke alarms are interconnected to one another, so that when one triggers, all of the alarms go off.

There are a few more regulations that apply to the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms in rental properties.  It is important to get the correct information.  If you are a landlord, and you want to know about smoke alarms in rental properties, it is important to consult with the facts at Queensland Fire and Emergency Service at their website:

  • Fit new rental properties or renovated rental properties with photoelectric smoke alarms
  • This same rule applies to all new Queensland properties
  • Replace old or broken smoke alarms with photoelectric smoke alarms
  • Replace smoke alarms with batteries with new smoke alarms with 10 year batteries as a minimum
  • All new smoke alarms should be hard wired and interconnected, by a registered electrician in accordance with Australian Standards
  • To determine the location for smoke alarms in rental properties, refer to the QFES website or a licensed electrician
  • As of 2022, photoelectric smoke alarms in rental properties will become mandatory
  • As of 2027, photoelectric smoke alarms in all properties will become mandatory

Don’t delay any longer and leave lives and property at risk.  Arrange for smoke alarm installation Brisbane people – by calling JTB Electrical today.

Under the updated guidelines, you are entitled to be protected by new smoke alarms.  As of January 2022, all new lease agreements will include new and updated photoelectric smoke alarms.  These photoelectric smoke alarms must be hardwired and interconnected.  As a tenant, it is important to understand that these interconnected smoke alarms are highly sensitive to detect the slightest amount of smoke.  Not only that, when one smoke alarm sounds the alarm, all of the smoke alarms in the rental property, including the bedrooms will also be triggered.  That means that no matter how many people are in the house, everyone will be alerted to the danger at the same time.

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