Who should you choose for advice and services for smoke alarms in your residences and businesses?  When it comes to inspection and installation of smoke alarms, don’t take shortcuts.  It pays to work with someone who knows what they are doing.  At JTB Electrical, we are fully trained and qualified in smoke alarm installation and inspection.

Have you kept up to date with the most recent legislation concerning the installation of smoke alarms in Brisbane properties?  We know the details, so can put your mind at rest and take care of your requirements.  We understand the rules and regulations, and how they apply to your property.

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Should you Hire an Electrician to Install Your Smoke Alarms?

Whether you have a new home, older home, or a renovation project, it is important to protect your family and property with correctly fitted smoke alarms.  Of course, we all understand the need for a comprehensive insurance policy to protect our home and property.  We rely on fences, security screens and dead locks to secure our properties against theft.  So it makes sense to look after our family and property as best we can with modern and compliant smoke alarms.  Don’t be tempted to try to short cut the process.  Did you know that it is a requirement to use a licensed electrician when it comes to the installation of hard-wired smoke alarms in Brisbane?

Here are 5 good reasons to choose a licensed electrician for installation of smoke alarms Brisbane people:

1. The latest regulations for smoke alarms

The latest regulations for installation of smoke alarms in new build properties (2014 onwards) state this: they must be fitted with hard wired smoke alarms.  Hard wired smoke alarms means that the smoke detector units must electrically connected to the mains power supply.  This is so they do not fail when the battery runs low.  Additionally, the smoke alarms must be interconnected.  This is so that if one alarm is triggered, each of the alarms will be sounded throughout the property.  These requirements require a licensed electrician carry out the installation procedure.  Since the wiring is connected back to the mains supply for the property, it is a job for a qualified professional.  As the smoke alarms are a safety device, they must be wired in accordance with the electrical wiring standards.  They must also be wired in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. The types of smoke alarms Brisbane properties need

Are you in any way confused about the different types of smoke alarms on the market?  We understand the types of smoke alarms that are required for different Brisbane properties, according to their age, type and usage.  It is possible to buy a wide range of different types of smoke alarms in Brisbane hardware stores, as well as online.  However, what you need to know is which are the right smoke alarms to use.  Not all are going to be compliant, so you need to know what you’re looking for.  It can be confusing to wade through the legislation and the Australian Standards.  So, give us a call at JTB Electrical and we can ensure you install the right smoke alarms for your property.

3. The correct locations to install smoke alarms

There is a bit of a science to choosing the best locations for smoke alarms.  Of course, the legislation plays a strong role in the numbers and locations for smoke detectors around the house.  For a start, you need to have separate smoke alarms in each bedroom in the house.  If possible, it is also recommended to locate smoke alarms in each of the main living areas.  It is also recommended to locate smoke alarms in hallways interconnecting main living areas.  For two story properties, it is also a requirement to install a smoke alarm in the stairway.  There is simple logic behind these locations for smoke detectors Brisbane folk!  It is to ensure people have the earliest warning in the event of a fire, and are able to escape unharmed.  Unfortunately, the rules and regulations need to be interpreted carefully.  Because the floorplan of every house is different.

4. Positioning complications to look out for

Due to our experience, we understand what to avoid when it comes to installing smoke alarms Brisbane people.  There are a variety of factors which can play havoc with the performance of smoke detectors.  Ever had burning toast set one off?  Steam from the bathroom?  It’s critical to avoid the situation where someone may disconnect a smoke detector due to annoyance.  This is deadly.  Consulting professionals like JTB Electrical will save you this type of headache and worry.

Because we live in a subtropical environment in Queensland, many properties have both heating and cooling systems.  They  have ceiling fans, as well as bathroom and kitchen extractor fans.  It is important to consider all of these features.  And they must be considered prior to the installation of smoke alarms in Brisbane homes and properties.  Cooking fumes, kitchen steam and other external factors can all affect the performance of smoke alarms.  So, it important to identify the optimal locations to avoid false alarms and other problems.

5. Do it right the first time and save time, money and headaches

When you are planning to build a new property, or if you are doing major renovations, it saves a lot of time and money to do the job properly the first time.  All new builds require an electrical layout plan and a lighting plan.  And these days, smoke alarms are another consideration to include.  Choosing a professional electrician, who can help with the planning stages as well as during installation, you avoid mistakes and oversights.  The best way to save time and money is to plan all of the installation details before you start work.

At JTB Electrical, we can help with the planning stages.  We can also check over plans for you, before it is too late (and more expensive) to change. We can also advise when the best time to plan access to the site for the electrical installation is.  This can help you avoid any nasty and expensive surprises.  Building or renovating a house is like bringing together all of the pieces of a jigsaw.  Wiring and smoke alarms are important pieces of that puzzle!

Call JTB Electrical today for inspections and installation of smoke alarms.