When you need a skilled electrician for Brisbane’s Western suburbs, consider JTB Electrical services.  We provide a full range of quality electrical services.  Do you need an electrician for your home, or other residential premises?  Is assistance with your business, office or commercial property what you need?  Because of our decade plus of experience, we have the skills and experience to get the job done for you.  Let us know your requirements. Call us today on 3279 4009. Or, alternatively, send us a message on our Contact Us Page.  Then we can arrange the best electrician Brisbane West has available!

Electrical Services Brisbane West

JTB Electrical offers a full range of electrical services to domestic and commercial customers.  Services include:

Fault Finding & Repair
Phone, Data & Network cabling
NBN Installation
Lights, Fans & Power
Air Conditioning
Hot Water Systems
Switchboard Upgrades & Safety Switches
Smoke Detectors
Test & Tag
Renovations & New Builds

We offer an obligation free quoting service.  In addition, our team of fully licensed and experienced tradesmen are fully insured.  Our insurance is compliant with the Electrical Safety Act 2002.  This means we are qualified to perform electrical contracting work in Queensland.

JTB Electrical are best known for our work around Brisbane’s west, but we service all areas of Brisbane.

We Are Certified for a Full Range of Electrical Services

electrician Brisbane WestAt JTB Electrical, we have a trustworthy team who are trained and certified electricians.  It’s important to note that there is a lot more to electrical services than just laying cables and connecting them up! Fortunately for you, we have this all covered! Especially relevant is that we have a comprehensive training regime.  Furthermore, with fully documented certifications and years of experience, there is little our team can’t handle. Consequently, there is unlikely to be any problem we can’t solve for you. Our professional electricians are fully certified and licensed under the Queensland Government electrical regulations. While the list can seem impossibly long, we are able to assist with all domestic electrician services.  From lights, power, communications, data, air conditioning to pools and spas, our team of qualified electricians can take care of it for you.

Qualified Electrician Brisbane West

At JTB Electrical, we provide reliable electricial services for all types of installations. We specialise in the major brands of electric appliances in Brisbane. So, if you want to install the very latest in energy efficient appliances, we can help you. If it’s airconditioning installation you need, we work with the most reliable major brands. The brands include: Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric and Heavy Industries and Panasonic. Lighting systems and communications systems are also our specialty. If you need just a new circuit, or a whole new kitchen, we have the type of electrician Brisbane West needs. You can be assured of complete peace of mind.

Air Conditioning Electrician Brisbane

You will probably want to avoid the heat this summer with air conditioning for your home or office. Call us for air conditioning installations in Brisbane and the Western Suburbs. We work with the top name air conditioning brands.  So, we can quickly and efficiently install your choice of airconditioning system. Split system air conditioners for the home are today’s popular choices. In addition, we can provide air conditioning electricians in Brisbane for office and retail installations.

Call us today on  3279 4009 to arrange for a specialist air conditioning electrician in Brisbane and the west.

Are you covered for Smoke Alarms?

We all know that smoke alarms save lives.  However, to be sure of the safety of your property and your family, smoke alarms must be up to date.  Especially relevant is the need to make sure that smoke alarms meet the latest safety regulations.  This is essential for maximum protection.  Call JTB Electrical and we can inspect your smoke alarms.  Our experienced electricians can check that you have the correct smoke alarm fittings. In addition, we’ll check they are in correct working order.  Most of all, we’ll ensure they meet all of the current regulations.

How to make sure your smoke alarms meet the new regulations

The latest smoke alarms are required to be photo-electric devices.  Most noteworthy is they need to be installed appropriately throughout your home.  To give you peace of mind, you can book in a visit from JTB Electrical and we can install the latest smoke alarms according to the regulations.

Do you have the right Safety Switches?

Much as smoke alarms are essential for personal safety, so too are safety electrical switches.

Most properties are covered by an earth leakage or safety electrical switch. But how many does your house have? Also, what circuits are they attached to? Most noteworthy, are they working correctly? Don’t leave your property or your family at risk. While safety electrical switches can be out of sight and out of mind, it is critical they work properly. Call JTB Electrical today for an expert inspection and assessment of the safety switches in your home.

Do you need Test and Tag?

“Test and Tag” is the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances. First of all a visual inspection is carried out to identify any damage to the appliance. Next, by electrically testing it with a portable appliance tester, the appliance is found safe, or not. Finally, an identifying tag is affixed to the item.

You benefit from the reassurance of personal and property safety for the home and office with a quality test and tag service. For this, JTB Electrical are the go-to electrician in Brisbane West for all your Test and Tag requirements. We offer a comprehensive compliance service. In addition, we also inspect property for any electrical maintenance issues. Our qualified and experienced team of electricians for Brisbane and the western suburbs have you covered for all your inspection and compliance needs.

Is your property Compliant?

These days we have more appliances and devices than ever before.  Consequently, we’re plugging more into our household electricity supply.  These added devices and appliances add electrical load.  So it is increasingly important that we are confident the electrical system can handle the increased electrical load.  When we buy a home, or renovate a property, this is equally important.  Whilst you can do a basic electrical safety check yourself, maintenance by a qualified electrician is advisable.  This is especially so if you notice any potential issues.

Many properties have air conditioning circuits, pool circuits, and additional power circuits.  As a result, it’s important to ask if your electrical system can handle the load.  For peace of mind when buying, selling or renovating, be sure to ask JTB Electrical for a safety check on your electrical system.  We are also happy to give advice for repairs, improvements and upgrades.  Unfortunately, many electricians around Brisbane don’t perform an overall system check.  The Australian Standard AS3000 for electrical wiring rules states that all electrical services should be tested in accordance with the regulations.  Furthermore, the Standard state that a compliance certificate should be provided on completion of all installations.  This is necessary to ensure that your property is electrically safe.  This compliance certificate should be passed onto future property owners.

For all your electrical needs, call us on 3279 4009. We will assist by arranging a visit from our expert electricians.

When you think “electrician Brisbane West”, think “JTB Electrical”.