Energy Saving Ideas

Whether you have a new or older style home in Brisbane, there are many ways to save energy usage.  And saving energy usage means reducing your power bills!  The best part is that these ideas don’t have to cost you a lot of money.  But, you can definitely save money and look after the environment at the same time.  Win-win!

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There is no doubt that for Queenslanders, we are blessed to live in a wonderful sub-tropical climate.  We are blessed with lots of sunshine and fresh air.  So why not embrace the outdoors, and make the most of the warm air and sunshine?  And we can also enjoy those summer thunderstorms, so long as we are prepared for that sudden outburst of nature. Working with the climate, instead of just blocking it out and conditioning our living environment is a great start!

Time to move with the modern world

There is no doubt that we are surrounded by vast amounts of new technology.  Not everything seems to make our lives easier or cheaper.  However, there are some really good inventions that can save a lot of energy usage.  These are the places to look to help cut back on power bills.  However, some changes may be needed around the house to take advantage of the latest advances.  Let’s take a look a look at some of the excellent new ideas that are out there.  Then, we’ll show you how to take advantage of the technology to have a home update.

LED lighting

Most people are probably aware of the phasing out of old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs.  And certainly, the replacements for the old fashioned bulbs cost a lot more.  However, the latest technology LED light bulbs last much longer.  Furthermore, they are much more energy efficient than their predecessors.  From simple bayonet light bulbs, to strip lighting and all kinds of variation on the theme, there is no shortage of options to light up your home!  The biggest problem may be trying to make up your mind which type is best for you!  If you need help making a decision, call your local electrician – JTB Electrical – for some expert advice.

Ceiling fans

In case you haven’t look up to the ceiling recently, there are awesome designs for modern fans, both inside and out!  No matter how large or small the room, there is a ceiling fan to suit your living space.  Fans use very little energy, and are very efficient to circulate fresh air around your house.

Rather than running the air conditioner all the time, why not try the fans?  It can be a huge energy saving to use fans for most of the time.  Even with the air conditioner turned on, ceiling fans are helpful.  This is because they can help to circulate the warm or cold air to keep everyone feeling more comfortable.  The best thing is that you can now use remote control technology!  So, installation of ceiling fans is simpler and cheaper without the need for re-wiring.

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Hot water systems

Old fashioned hot water systems can be a large consumer of household energy.  Depending on your household requirements, there are many options for saving energy costs for hot water.  For example, using instant hot water systems for bathrooms and ensuites can reduce the amount of energy wasted.  Solar hot water is also a great idea to save on energy bills.

Solar energy

Without a doubt, one of Brisbane’s best assets is sunshine!  Why not harness some of the energy from the Sun with solar panels on the roof?  Solar energy can supply your household energy needs.  And, if you choose to, you can also sell excess electricity back to the grid.  It may take a little bit of energy consciousness to save energy, but solar energy is good for you and the planet!


Yes, windows can either waste energy, by letting the heat out, or cost energy by letting too much heat in!  Interestingly, there have been significant advances in window technology in recent times. Advances with potential to save a lot of energy.  For example, double glazed windows can prevent heat exchange, to save energy.  Furthermore the double-glazing can keep you cosy and quiet on the inside.  Window tinting is another cheaper alternative to reduce heat transfer inside the house.  Something to watch out for is widow solar panels.  These can be invisible, but still harness solar energy from that which would otherwise be wasted.  The technology is out there!


Of course, home insulation is almost a must these days.  From roof insulation, to external walls, and even floor insulation, it can make a huge difference to your energy costs.  The benefit of insulation is that it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.  So, this means you can save energy costs all year round with the same investment.  These days, having insulation can actually be considered as an asset for your home.

Air conditioning

Most will be aware, running an air conditioning system can hike up the power bills.  But how efficient is your air conditioner?  And how effective is it for heating and cooling your house?  These days, there are some fantastic options for low cost air conditioners which can save energy.  If your old air conditioner is struggling to keep up, then it is probably wasting a lot of energy.  Furthermore, it’s probably not providing the comfort that you want.  Call your local electrician for a second opinion on your air conditioner.  This is one of our specialty areas and you can read more HERE.

Watch out for Bad Habits!

Probably the biggest area we find savings for energy usage is daily habits.  Habit such as:

  • leaving lights on,
  • leaving air conditioners running in empty rooms,
  • hot water usage from long showers,
  • kitchen appliances, and
  • entertainment and computing devices on standby.

Sometimes we become accustomed to leaving lights on, or having extra-long hot showers!  Multiply that for the whole family, and it can really add up!  But really, some of these things are just bad habits.  Bad habits which can easily be changed – don’t be lazy when it comes to caring for the environment!  And when it comes to updating appliances, or seek advice from your local electrician on the latest technology.  Consider new technology which doesn’t cost the earth, but can offer you and the planet some real energy savings!

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