Our priority as an electrician is to ensure you stay safe around electricity. We want to help people understand how to protect themselves and their homes.  Of course, there are a few simple rules when it comes to using electricity around the home.  Firstly – and hopefully obviously – never try to do your own electrical work!  But there are some simple things that you DO need to do, or at least to understand, when it comes to electrical safety.

Be aware of electrical safety

It pays to be aware of electrical safety around the home.  When it comes to electrical safety, never assume that something is safe forever.  Electrical cables and devices can corrode and wear out over time.  Especially when exposed to the weather and elements outside the home.  Even if power lines are insulated, the insulation can crack and expose live wires.  Underground installations can leak, and corrode due to exposure to moisture.  The simple message is never try to touch or fix wiring by yourself.  It is safer to call a licensed electrician western suburbs people have trusted for years for help.

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Know where your power lines are

Whether you have overhead power lines, or underground power supply, it is important to know where your power lines are.  Slogans and tools such as “Look up and Live” or “Dial before you Dig” are helpful guides, designed to keep us safe.  But do you really know where your power lines run into your property?  If you are unsure, then it might be helpful to ask a professional electrician from the western suburbs.

Who is responsible for the private power pole on your property?

Believe it or not, many private properties around Brisbane have a private power pole located inside the boundary of the property.  These private power poles are the responsibility of the property owner.  And they can require some attention.  Private power poles are subject to deterioration, termite attack, as well as being overgrown by trees and shrubs.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the private power pole in good condition.  Are you are in any doubt about the condition of your private power pole on your property? Call JTB Electrical because we are a local electrician western suburbs residents trust.  We have the experience to conduct a safety inspection of private power poles.
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What to do if something goes wrong?

Most people assume that if there is an electrical problem in or around the house, the fuse or the safety switch will shut off power.  But the problem with electricity outside the house is that you can never be sure whether you are protected by a safety switch or earth leakage detector.

Never touch power lines

The problem with damaged or fallen power lines is that you never know whether they are live.  The problem with external power lines is that there is no protection from a safety switch that you have in your power box.  The safety switch in the power box can only protect you from electricity problems inside the house.  Any external power lines may be live, and represent a very real danger outside the house. So if you or your family find power lines on the ground, call emergency help on 000.  If you suspect you might have damaged power lines, be sure to keep a safe distance and call a licensed electrician.

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Solar panels

If you have solar panels on your roof, do you know what to do if something goes wrong?  Solar panels are controlled from a separate power box and can be shut off if necessary.  If you are unsure of what to do if something goes wrong, call your solar installation contact.  Failing that, call your trusted local electrician.

External garden lights

Whether you have external lighting all year round, or just use Christmas lights for the festive season, make sure they are safe.  Ensure that the lights and circuits are suitable for external use, and that they are weatherproof.  Ensure that all permanent wiring is installed by a licensed electrician like JTB Electrical.  If you like to decorate your property with Christmas lights, make sure that they are safe to use and do not overload the circuits.  Consider updating any old Christmas lights with new solar powered options, which are much safer to use.

Check pool lighting

If you have pool lighting, the circuits should be checked periodically.  Pool lighting runs off a special low voltage power supply, which requires inspection by a licensed electrician.  If you are in any doubt, please give us a call at JTB Electrical.  To ensure your safety, we can send our licensed electrician pool owners trust.

10 Safety Tips for electricity outside of the house

  1. Never touch fallen power lines – call emergency 000
  2. Test your safety switch regularly, or have an electrician test it for you
  3. Take care of overhead power lines when carrying long items or working on ladders
  4. Take care of underground power lines whenever digging on your property
  5. Maintain your solar power systems regularly
  6. Ensure your private power pole is in safe condition
  7. Ensure garden and Christmas lights are suitable for external use
  8. Regularly inspect pool lighting and power circuits
  9. Know how to shut off power at the power box, but be aware that external lines may still be live
  10. Always use a licensed electrician to do your electrical work

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