You might be surprised how easy it is to save a lot of money when it comes to office air conditioning Brisbane businesses. If you like the idea of reducing the cost of office air conditioning this summer, then give us a call.  At JTB Electrical we are available to discuss cost saving options with you.

One of the most significant shifts, when it comes to commercial air conditioning, is the human element. The traditional way to design the system was not conservative.  The designer would first consider the floor area.  Then, they’d look at the building insulation, and the recirculation rate.  Finally, they’d then add a few extra kilowatts of capacity! However, recent studies have found that setting the office air conditioning temperature to 21 degrees all year round may not be necessary.

Despite the fact that we all like to have a wonderful cool oasis to go to work in, it may not be necessary in terms of productivity. In fact, there may be multiple advantages to turning the temperature up a couple of degrees!  But, that’s another topic!

We recommend the use of split systems for office air conditioning

Split systems are cheaper to buy and cheaper to install than other cooling systems.  Also, they generally work very effectively in commercial, business and office air conditioning systems.

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These are some of the main reasons we recommend split system air conditioners:

  • Split system air conditioners come in two parts – the external condensing unit and the internal distribution system. The two units are connected with a non-intrusive ducting system.  Conveniently, this ducting system can be installed in just about any property without the need for major installation works.
  • The average split system is cheaper than ducted air conditioning.  Furthermore, a split system is more generally more energy efficient compared to other types of air conditioning systems.
  • Most of the available and popular brands offer a five year warranty.  This can be very reassuring when investing in the right system for your needs.
  • Split systems are easy to operate.  They also work very effectively for large spaces, no matter what the outside weather conditions.
  • Split systems are great for office air conditioning commercial premises, cooling around 60 square metres per unit.

Cost of Office Air Conditioning

Not only is there the potential to save energy costs during the height of summer in Brisbane, but there can be other savings.  There may also be significant savings to be made during installation. You might also be surprised to learn just how efficient split systems are for office air conditioning these days! The best part is that split systems cost much less in terms of installation costs in comparison with a ducted system.

We can discuss the full range of options that can save you money on office air conditioning for your Brisbane premises.

One of  the best parts of designing a split system solution for your office air conditioning is the flexibility.  You can simply choose how many units need to be running, depending on the weather conditions.  Furthermore, if rooms are not being used, or won’t be in use for long, the aircon can be left off. Obviously, the fewer units you need to run can save an enormous amount on energy costs.  This benefit runs through to savings in long term maintenance and operating costs.

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Planning is key

Whilst it is considered a necessity to install air conditioning in most Brisbane offices, it needs to be planned well.  It can save a lot of money to get the installation details right. That is why you should give us a call at JTB Electrical.  When we speak, we can show you the best options when it comes to installation of office air conditioning. We can help you with the full range of air conditioning options.  We’ll consider choosing from the best brands, installation, temperature control, and optimal comfort levels.

Installation of Office Air Conditioning Systems

When looking for a new office air conditioning system for your Brisbane office or commercial building, JTB Electrical have the expertise to help with the design and installation process. No matter which brand of air conditioning system you prefer, we can assist.  We regularly design and install a wide range of brands, including:

We also offer a wide range of sizes and power output available across the range of brands.  This is so that we can tailor a system to meet your office air conditioning requirements. There are many great aspects to installing split systems for your commercial premises. But, one of the best is that you can have any combination of systems according to the building.

JTB Electrical is also an approved Harvey Norman installer.  A business doesn’t get to qualify year after year for that unless they are professional, dependable and reliable. Our office air conditioning specialists are punctual, highly skilled and focused on doing the job right. They can install split systems, repair air conditioning units, and maintain your existing systems with no interruptions to your business.

We Provide a Range of Office Air Conditioning Services

No matter what the level of service you require is, we are able to help.  From installation to maintenance and servicing, the team at JTB Electrical have all your needs covered. We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning services, such as:

  • Design a split system office air conditioning for any Brisbane commercial or business premises
  • Delivery of office air conditioning to Brisbane addresses
  • We operate as an approved Harvey Norman installer
  • Installation of popular brands of air conditioners, including Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Panasonic
  • Scheduled servings for all office air condition in Brisbane suburbs
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Upgrade to existing office air conditioning systems

If you are looking for an office air conditioning solution for your Brisbane premises, then give us a call at JTB Electrical. We can design, supply and install a range of split system office air conditioners that are perfect for your Brisbane office space. No matter where you are around the Brisbane suburbs, we can serve you.  We have a team of expert installers around to install your ideal office air conditioning system. Call today for a free chat, quote or simply professional advice.  We are available to discuss and advise how a split system can meet your office air conditioning requirements!

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