NBN Electrician – Who do you call?  Why not call JTB Electrical for all your NBN connection and wiring needs.  JTB Electrical offers NBN installation services and advice to help you set up for the NBN rollout.  We are also a commercial electrician.  So, whether you need to set up your home or business for NBN, we have an experienced NBN electrician who can help.  If you want fast internet, call us today at JTB Electrical and we will get you connected.

What is the NBN, and how do you get it?

NBN is Australian for the National Broadband Network. Otherwise known as Broadband Internet, the NBN is an upgrade of the old telephone and internet system in Australia. The NBN is a new telecommunications network infrastructure. It is aimed to bring Australia up to the standard of the rest of the world in terms of the new digital age. The NBN was an initiative of the Federal Government.  To put the NBN into place, the Government created a new enterprise called the NBN Co.

What is the benefit of the NBN?

The purpose behind such a large infrastructure upgrade is to achieve fast internet. There is no denying that Australia was falling behind the rest of the world.  In terms of access to broadband internet capability, we are lagging badly and at a disadvantage. Access to fast internet is a huge bonus to doing trade and business around the country and overseas. There have been demonstrated enhancements to economic growth and other social benefits when connected to fast internet. High speed data and telecommunications should be available in every home, business and institution around the country. The best way to connect homes and businesses, regional areas and urban locations is with high speed internet.

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Is NBN available yet?

Is NBN available yet, and when will you need an NBN electrician?  Have you have received notification from NBN Co that broadband internet services have reached your area? If you are ready to make the switch, it pays to plan your transition. If you are not sure what to do, or how much it costs, then JTB Electrical are happy to help. Be aware that you generally have around 18 months or so to make up your mind. Initially, you will need to make contact with your NBN provider to arrange for your new account details, and for connection to your property.

How does NBN get connected?

Getting NBN connected to your property is the responsibility of the NBN Co. They are responsible for delivering NBN connectivity to your property. But depending on how you want to operate your new high speed internet inside the property is up to you. That’s where the NBN electrician comes in.  To make sure you are well informed about the options for getting connected, it pays to talk to an NBN electrician.  Someone with the right experience and knowledge can offer advice and recommendations to do the job properly. JTB Electrical is just that NBN electrician.  The NBN equipment has to be routed inside the property, and attached to a wall that is easily accessible but doesn’t block the hallway! You don’t want all of the boxes and electrical stuff right by the front door! We can do better than that.

NBN Requirements

To avoid the need for ongoing repairs and adjustments, we mount and install NBN cables and equipment securely. Our qualified NBN Electrician know how to do the job right the first time.  We provide an integrated communications and electrical enclosure so it all fits discretely away from view.  JTB Electrical have a qualified and certified NBN electrician who ensure all NBN standards are met.  So you never have a problem, it is essential for all telecommunications cabling and installations that the rules and guidelines are adhered to. After all, once you get connected to high speed internet, you won’t want to suffer down time ever again!

NBN Connection needs a certified NBN electrician

Here at JTB Electrical, we want to help you get connected, fast.  NBN connection means high speed internet, and a more secure, reliable connection.  If you want to accelerate your business, or modernise your lifestyle, JTB Electrical are here to help.  Give us a call today on 3279 4009 to speak to a licensed NBN Electrician.

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