When it comes to the safety of your home, you can’t be too careful. At JTB Electrical, we take safety seriously. Our electrical contractors in Brisbane have been serving the local community for over a decade. So, we understand the importance of having a fully certified and qualified professional in charge of your premises electricals.  Before engaging anyone to perform electrical work for you, do two things.  Firstly, check their license.  Secondly, ensure they are insured.  Further details on these two factors are provided below.


When we send out our expert electricians to your premises, we do so with full confidence in their ability.  Whether your property is industrial or commercial, our electricians are qualified to service your various needs. For our electrical contractors Brisbane and the neighbouring areas are within easy reach.  And, they are ready to perform small repairs and maintenance work at a moment’s notice.

In addition, we also serve households across Brisbane. We regularly undertake projects for homeowners as well as commercial entities like Property Managers. Do you need a new power point in your home?  Perhaps you need a data system installed in your multi-storey office building or across multiple premises?  Our electrical contractors Brisbane team is up to the task. So, whatever the size of your project, your friendly local JTB electricians are here to help.

JTB Carry Out A Broad Range of Electrical Tasks

As fully insured, trained, qualified, and licensed professionals, our electricians can perform a broad spectrum of services. The list of services your JTB electrician can undertake includes:

  • Installing Ceiling fans, chandeliers, multiple lamp pendants, and other light fixtures.
  • Fitting power points, including standard 3-pin and USB switches and sockets.
  • Installing and servicing ovens, hobs, and other fixed electrical appliances.
  • Installing, checking, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring.
  • Maintaining processing plants, data centres, and office buildings.
  • Installing or replacing circuit breakers, safety switches, and switchboards.
  • Servicing existing and installing new Multi-split and ducted-air conditioning units.
  • Installing and integrating NBN, telecommunications, and security systems.

Why You Can Rely on JTB

Any electrician can have skills, experience, and qualifications. However, not every electrician in Brisbane has licence or insurance. Without these two things, they are unable to contract their services. So, only electricians with valid licence and insurance can call themselves electrical contractors Brisbane and Queensland-wide.


There are two types of electrical contractor licences in Queensland. Electricians can carry out electrical work using either of the two. But the type of licence determines their restrictions. A gold licence gives the owner the right to perform any type of electrical work, from installations to wiring, at any voltage level. A silver level license means the electrical contractor can only test, maintain, and repair some equipment up to the voltage stated on the license.  CLICK HERE to read more on the differences.


Some electricians have some limited form of personal and job insurance. But only electrical contractors have the kind of insurance necessary to operate their business safely. So, their insurance covers their business, their employees, and the homeowners they serve. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, electricians can’t carry out electrical work as individuals and charge people for it. However, they can carry out the work as employees for a company that’s licenced, and the insurance then extends to the homeowner.

JTB  will carry out electrical work of any scale quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with us by phone on 3279 4009 or fill out the online contact form to set the ball rolling on your electrical projects.