Your Community Electrician Springfield Lakes.  Also servicing Brookwater and Augustine Heights.

Are you a home owner or business looking for an electrician Springfield Lakes, Brookwater or Augustine Heights way? JTB Electrical is a business local to this beautiful, growing area.

We strive daily to maintain a high quality of work.  It is our commitment to provide excellent and reliable electrical services to the Springfield Lakes community. We believe that there is a place for high quality electrical services in the Springfield Lakes area.  Furthermore, we know we can meet the residents’ needs.

When you hire us as your electricians, you won’t be just a number on an accounting sheet. As residents of Sinnamon Park, and having previously lived in Forest Lake, we know the local area well.  We are passionate about contributing to the growth of Springfield Lakes and the surrounding communities.

Some of our main electrical services include:

Domestic and commercial services

At JTB Electrical, we undertake both domestic and commercial jobs. We understand that each of our clients has unique needs. No two homes or businesses are built and used exactly the same.  So we love the challenge of undertaking work in new spaces! We believe that providing electrical services is more than just swooping in and competently installing something.

We are passionate about providing quality work.  Consequently, you can trust that we are just as passionate about providing the service as you are about receiving it! There’s no greater feeling than knowing our clients trust us to do a fantastic job. We take great pride in being a local business that supports local businesses.  So we maintain our focus on being available for local customers. As your electrician Springfield Lakes, Brookwater and Augustine heights way, we are dedicated to being there for you.

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Why do we want to be the top electrician Springfield Lakes, Brookwater and Augustine Heights knows?

We love Springfield Lakes and its surrounding areas. The area is a fantastic hub for families and small businesses that thrive on the community spirit. Everywhere you go there’s a beautiful park, landscaping, artwork or space for families to enjoy time with each other, with all the important amenities available to you. You really can feel the friendliness and pride in our community.

You can visit the Ipswich City Council website to learn more about this local  Public Art, and more, about parks and facilities at Springfield Lakes.

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We just moved into a brand-new home.  Do we still need an electrician to come in?

Springfield Lakes is growing rapidly for many great reasons. With any expanding area, new homes and commercial premises need to be built. It’s likely that you’ll be moving into one of these beautiful new homes and will be assuming everything is connected and operating like it should be.  Unfortunately, not every electrician Springfield Lakes has in attendance will be committed to the level of professionalism and quality services required.  It’s a disappointing fact of life that “corners are cut” and electrical installations aren’t always carried out and tested as they should be.  With electrical, you can’t afford to be too trusting.  Even if everything seems to be connected properly, it never hurts to have a professional set of eyes take a look over the electrical work.

New Property Customisation

It’s a common myth that a finished home requires less electrical work. New homes often require alterations and electrical additions to get everything connected the way you wish to use it. Ever wished there was a powerpoint ‘right there’?  Want to install reverse-cycle ducted air conditioning?  Three-phase power may be required.  Security lights can provide a great level of comfort to home owners.  Many of these features do not come as standard in new homes and businesses.  That’s why your JTB Electrical electrician Brookwater and Springfield Lakes can be of great service to you.

Teething Problems

Newer homes can have electrical teething problems just like anything new does. Sometimes problems older homes are notorious for, can also occur in new homes. It’s not a sign of poor construction, but it’s something that can often easily be fixed. It’s important that both new and old homes have their electrical components checked regularly. Don’t forget that renovations can be dangerous and so it’s important that you employ a qualified electrician to undertake the necessary work – and who better than a local, passionate electrical team such as us at JTB Electrical?

Regular Checks and Maintenance

There’s always a case for regular checking of smoke detectors and safety switch and power box checks.  Air conditioners that are well maintained and cleaned will operate more efficiently, keeping you more comfortable and saving you money.  As your community electrician Springfield Lakes, Brookwater and Augustine Heights way, we’re here to look after you!

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Whether the work is on a residential property or for your local business, our qualified team is ready to help.

A sprawling cluster of suburbs, Greater Springfield is a metropolis in its own right. Springfield is Queensland’s most impressive urban development project and the fastest growing one in the land. Greater Springfield and its environs boast a population of 43,000 and counting. The dream of living the good life is what brought the good people of Greater Springfield to this conurbation. And we’re here to serve as well, because a trusty Springfield Lakes electrician can make the good life that much better.  Because of the desire to serve in a growing, bustling, master-planned community, JTB Electrical is passionate to serve Springfield Lakes.

Electrician Brisbane

What’s so Special About Greater Springfield?

New home to the Brisbane Lions AFL football club and speckled with sporting fields, this is an ambitious city!  Developed only 26km from downtown Brisbane, it is the archetypical 21st century city. Furthermore, Greater Springfield boasts its own university and lifelong learning facilities.  Also recently built is a hospital and several community health centres.  In addition, for entertainment, there are world-class cinemas, thriving restaurants, and a buzzing market.

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