Do you need an electrician Oxley, Corinda or surrounding suburbs?

Chances are you have an older style home, either wooden frame home or post war brick home.  No matter what style of house you own or are looking to buy, there are some fabulous house styles to choose from.  But either way, it pays to check out the electrical system before you take on any large projects.  And this doesn’t mean flick a few switches and open the meter box!  As with any older style home, it pays to have an experienced electrician in Oxley or Corinda inspect the wiring.

Some of our main electrical services include:

Oxley is a fabulous location

Maybe you already live in the Oxley area, or maybe you would like to live there!  And it is no wonder.  These suburbs are only around 10 to 11 kilometres to Brisbane City, and easily accessible along major roads and Motorways.  This makes the Oxley and Corinda suburbs very convenient places to live.  Being the major transport corridor to the South and West Brisbane suburbs, there is a trainline.  There is also a choice of train stations direct to the city.  Add to that a range of services, and you have a wonderful place to live and run a business.  Services such as major retail outlets, a choice of good schools, parks and sports clubs make this area special.  There are even two golf courses to choose from!  There is also a range of small to medium industrial sites, as well as thriving cafes.

The whole combination results in that wonderful village feel other locations aspire to.  There certainly are a range of employment opportunities around Oxley and Corinda so that you don’t even have to commute if you don’t want to!  This vibe of residential and business opportunities is well serviced by your JTB electrician Oxley specialist.

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JTB Electrical – your choice of electrician in Oxley, Corinda and nearby suburbs

At JTB Electrical, we have a team of qualified electricians Oxley and Corinda residents and businesses can call on.  Whether you have an older style, or a more modern home, or a business, we provide expert care with all electrical issues.  Even newer properties need a qualified electrician for advice on modern installations.  For tasks like installation of data cabling, home theatres, garden lighting, and swimming pool installations, we’re the electrician Oxley and Corinda people can depend on. JTB are even able to service the electrical needs of commercial properties in Oxley and Corinda.

No job is too small or too large, so when you need certified, local electricians in Corinda or Oxley, then give us a call at JTB Electrical.

Oxley and Corinda are joined by road and rail networks

Historically, the whole area was originally known as Oxley, stretching from Chelmer, Graceville and Corinda to the north.  And there are some fabulous older timber houses in those suburbs!  But Oxley also included suburbs to the south, such as Willawong and Durack, which were more recently developed.

But without a doubt, the heart of the whole area is now known as Oxley and Corinda.  And we think the best electrician Oxley and Corinda residents and businesses could call on would have to be JTB electrical.  We are based in Sinnamon Park, which is closer than most people realise!  In fact, our team at JTB Electrical know the Oxley and Corinda suburbs very well, and we have many happy customers in the area.  And that is the secret to living and working in Corinda and Oxley.  It is easy to get around, by road as well as by train!  Our team of qualified electricians can reach Oxley or Corinda in next to no time when you need electrical help.  Don’t risk the safety of your home or family.  Call us at JTB Electrical and we can be there in a flash!

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