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Electrical Safety for Business

Whether your business owns the premises or if you rent office space, it is important to understand the requirements for electrical safety.  Obviously it is important to keep the staff, visitors and neighbours safe from electrical issues.  But you also need to keep the business operating, maintain stock, and keep the lights and air conditioners running.  In fact there is no difference in the electrical safety of your business or the electrical safety of your own home.  The same rules of electrical safety apply when it comes to electrical hazards around the office.  If in doubt, be sure to request our electrician Northside Brisbane or West/Southside Brisbane services for assistance. We’re always available when you have questions.

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What basic rules apply for electrical safety?

There are basic rules when it comes to electrical safety for business owners.  And these basic rules are all within the Workplace Health and Safety guidelines, and largely come down to common sense.  It is the responsibility of the business owner to provide a safe work environment for employees and visitors to the business.  If the business premises belongs to the owner or to the business entity, then the business owner is directly responsible for maintaining the electrical safety.  This includes maintaining all of the electrical equipment in safe working order.  It also means performing all electrical maintenance on the building.  If you are a business owner in Brisbane, we can assist with our electrician Northside Brisbane, Brisbane West and Brisbane Southside services.  Be sure to note that all electrical work must be performed by a qualified electrician.

What if the business is renting the premises?

If you are renting a business premises, you can ask to see the compliance certificate for the property.  If the owner cannot show compliance, here’s what to do.  Request an electrical inspection under the terms of the lease.  Remember, it’s the business owner who is responsible for keeping all employees and visitors safe whenever they are on the premises.  If you are in any doubt about the electrical safety standards of the premises, don’t take any chances.  Insist on an electrical safety audit conducted by a certified electrician.  JTB Electrical can assist with our electrician Northside Brisbane, Brisbane West and Brisbane Southside services.  A big tip here is to consider an electrical safety audit before you sign a lease for a business premises.  Because then you can have confidence to meet your WHS responsibility.

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Things to look out for!

1. Electrical Outlets should be in good working order.

There is no excuse for broken, loose, cracked or faulty power points.  Whether you own the business premises, or are renting office space, this is a must.  It is simply safer to have all electrical outlets and switches in good working order.  If you are the owner of a hectic business, and don’t have time to check the electrical safety, we get it.  Then, make time to call up your local JTB electrician northside Brisbane for a safety check up today!

2. Smoke Alarms

While on the subject of safety inspections, it also pays to get the smoke alarms checked at the same time.  If the smoke alarms are outdated, out of order, missing or in the wrong locations, they’re not compliant.  The best course of action is to again – check with an expert.  Here at JTB Electrical, we have qualified electrician Northside Brisbane, Brisbane West and Brisbane Southside, as needed.  They can arrange to inspect all of your smoke alarms, and assess the building safety.  If there are problems, you can trust JTB Electrical to make a simple and effective plan to get it right.

3. Electrical Safety Systems

Sure, the electrical safety systems may not be on display for all to see.  Regardless, these are a critical safety aspect of any building, home or office.  What we are referring to are electrical safety switches, residual current devices, earth leakage detectors, and even surge protectors.  Most new buildings should have these safety devices installed and operational.  However, if in any doubt, why not ask an expert?  If you are having a new or replacement circuit installed in a building or office, be sure to ask for a safety device to be installed on the new circuit.  The need for electrical safety devices must never be overlooked.  The bottom line is – all buildings and offices should be protected in case of accident.

4. Fire Extinguishers

Be aware that there are different types of fire extinguishers for different types of fires.  Class A extinguishers are for general purpose combustibles such as an office, home or building.  If you have flammable liquids that may be at risk of fire, then Class B extinguishers are required.  Also, Class C extinguishers are specially used for electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, electrical machinery, wiring and fuse boxes.  If you are unsure of the most suitable fire extinguisher for your business premises it also pays to have a fire safety hazard assessment conducted by a fire systems expert.  Contact Queensland Fire and Emergency Services for details.

5. Power Outlets and Extension Cords

We all need to be aware that extension cords should never be used in place of a permanent wiring solution.  Similarly, it is not good practise to use multiple outlets or power boards for long term usage.  It is better to pay for an electrician to install the correct number of permanent power outlets.  This ensures that circuits do not become overloaded.  We should all know by now that we should never use gangs of power outlets, or chain together multiple power boards.

Always Put Electrical Safety First

If you are a business owner, sometimes it is easy to overlook the things that we walk by every day.  But this doesn’t always mean that it is safe to do so.  For example, we often see extension leads run across walkways, or across meetings room floors.  Sure, we have done a safety inspection, and decided to tape the cords to the floor to prevent trip hazards.  But is that the best we can do in terms of electrical safety for the business?  If you are in any doubt about the electrical safety aspects of your business, call an expert to conduct a safety inspection. Call JTB Electrical – Electrician Northside Brisbane & Brisbane West & Southside.

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