As an electrician Forest Lake is one of our favourite places to serve!

Why do we like Forest Lake?

Forest Lake, as a masterplanned community in the South West suburbs of Brisbane, is a delightful place.  With a subtropical climate and a beautiful landscaped appearance, it is an attractive location to visit and work in.  Furthermore, the architecturally designed layout of boulevards and tree lined avenues makes Forest Lake a desirable choice of real estate.  Forest Lake is an award-winning planned community, largely developed and built by Delfin Lend Lease.  The first blocks and houses that were built and showcased quickly made the suburb a popular destination.  First home buyers, investors, and people of all ages flocked to Forest Lake.  The suburb now has more than 20 000 residents!  Forest Lake continues has become a mature and relaxed environment in which to live.

Forest Lake – Designed for Living

The community is what it is all about in Forest Lake.  That’s what we loved about the suburb when we lived there.  Although many blocks are smaller than the traditional residential allotment in Brisbane, there are options.  Like nearby masterplanned community Springfield Lakes, there is ample provision for parks, shared gardens, cycle ways and walkways. Most of the properties were built in a range between 20 and 30 years ago.  In general they were built well and have stood the test of time.  As gardens and street trees have matured and developed, Forest Lake has developed that ‘established’ feel.  So the familiarity of home was created!

Forest Lake – Facilities

There is a pleasant mixture of housing in Forest Lake.  From single storey and double storey dwellings, as well as some apartments, and commercial premises.   Shops and schools  are convenient in Forest Lake.  The original design of the suburb included facilities so people could live and work in the local environment.  There are also cafes, restaurants, entertainment and spiritual facilities, so everything is close to home.  Forest Lake is approximately 19 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD – a comfortable commute for those who work in the city.

We are your local Electrician Forest Lake!

But it is inevitable that as homes and houses approach the 30 year old mark, there is need for work.  When houses and buildings approach that age, there is a need for safety and maintenance upgrades.  That is JTB Electrical come in.  As your experienced electrician Forest Lake way, we understand the needs of homeowners, landlords, and retirees.  Whether you need a light bulb changed or a new circuit installed, there is always a need for a local electrician you can trust.  We provide electrical services to many properties in the locality.  Trust your electrician Forest Lake to upgrade power boards, install earth leakage detectors, power surge protectors, air conditioning circuits, or new wiring for swimming pools.  Ask us about any size job JTB electrical, because we’re equipped to be able to help with all things electrical in Forest Lake.

Upgrade your electrical system

It is an unfortunate reality that electrical systems can degrade over time.  Furthermore, new and improved safety standards are brought in from time to time.  Are you are unsure whether your property meets the latest regulations and electrical safety standards?  Then speak to an expert, your local electrician Forest Lake way – JTB Electrical.  At JTB Electrical, we are happy to inspect your property to make sure it complies.  We inspect and test it against the current safety standards and electrical regulations that apply in Queensland.  This may include original wiring, recently installed circuits, as well as testing of residual current devices, circuit breakers, and the overall safety of your domestic electrical system.

Repair or replace electrical components?

Having previously lived in the suburb, we have lots of experience as the local electrician Forest Lake grew to trust.  Advising on the latest smoke alarm requirements for domestic, rental and commercial properties is amongst our many Services.  We also have experience with installation and testing of modern lighting systems.  Traditional or standard lighting systems can also be repaired or replaced.  We can even source replacement of like for like systems in case your existing electrical system fails.  Believe it or not, this can happen with household electrical systems up around the 20 to 30 year old mark.  But there is no need to fear expensive replacement costs, or major renovations.  Choose your local electrician Forest Lake way for a realistic and fair quote for how to replace or repair your existing electrical or power systems.

Electrical System Checkup

If your home is more than 20 years old, then call your trusted electrician Forest Lake.  Book us to perform a thorough system checkup for your ageing electrical system.  At JTB Electrical, we know what to look out for, and we know where the common problems areas are.  Plus we know how to fix the problems and save you time and money.  They say that familiarity makes the job easier, and that is certainly the case when you need a local electrician in the Forest Lake area.

Call JTB Electrical today, for your best electrician in Forest Lake!