We are ACRS registered master cablers and have the knowledge and experience to relocate internal NBN points, set up home and office spaces with data networks that are flexible enough to handle increased loads as needs grow. No matter where in Brisbane you are, we’ve got you covered.

Data cabling these days is critical as we are more connected than ever before, having a network to handle the new demands from wired and wireless devices is vital to seamless usage with optimal speeds that will keep up with external infrastructure.

We can also install TV points and roof antennas to ensure basic home entertainment needs are met.

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All homes and properties have standard electrical wiring for lights and power outlets.  But telecommunications and data cabling is a completely separate wiring system.  Furthermore it is independent from the power supply.  Communications and data cabling use different types of wiring, different connectors, and transmit electrical signals around the network.  It pays to think about other services such as voice comms, TV, and the WiFi connection.  Sure, there is becoming less and less need for standard telephone connection.  And many people are watching television via the internet.  But that means you have to get it done right.  If you want to convert your home to a modern network design and if you want to experience the full benefit of data connectivity, then you need the best data cabling Brisbane technicians can offer.

If you want to experience the true satisfaction of data connectivity around your home, then it is time to speak to an expert.  At JTB Electrical, we understand what data cabling Brisbane people really need.  No matter whether you need to renovate your existing home, or want to install the latest data cabling in a new construction.  At JTB Electrical, we can handle data cabling in domestic homes, commercial offices, high rise apartments, or wherever you choose to live or work!  We take the time to assess your requirements.  Part of our service is to inspect your existing infrastructure.  Then we help design the best data cabling solution for your needs.

If your home is more than a few years old, chances are it doesn’t offer the best connectivity.  Data cabling was not always considered an essential part of constructing homes for the digital world!  And these days it is more about ethernet cabling for the best connectivity.  Here at JTB Electrical, we can assess your current cabling infrastructure and determine whether it fits with your connectivity requirements.  It pays to check on data cabling in Brisbane, right down to those connectors, points and switches.  Or perhaps the data cabling has been installed, but the peripherals are not up to scratch. Whatever your circumstances, JTB Electrical can inspect your data cabling.  We can then advise on the best and most cost effective way to lift you into the 21st century!

If you are designing a new home or office, then it pays to consider a data cabling installation plan at the beginning.  JTB Electrical are trained data cabling consultants.  We can advise you on the best electrical and data installation plan, and we can even design your data cabling plan.  It pays to have a plan for all your data cabling for your Brisbane property, before you start building.  Would you like to have the satisfaction of fast data connectivity, voice communications and media outlets all working at the same time?  Then JTB Electrical can help you to design a data cabling network that really delivers.

Do you need network cabling or data cabling services in Brisbane? Whether you need assistance for a house, apartment, or a commercial office, we have the skills and experience to help. The team at JTB Electrical offer a fully integrated service including design and installation of electrical wiring and data cabling for Brisbane properties.

Data Cabling Brisbane

We offer a wide range of data cabling services, including the following:

  • Category 5 and Category 6 data cabling
  • Data network cabling – design and installation
  • New computer outlets and telephone connections
  • Voice and data cabling
  • Internet outlets
  • Printer ports, projector ports and other peripherals
  • Antenna outlets
  • Computer network cabling
  • Installation of CCTV cabling and security systems
  • Ethernet, Fibre optic and coaxial cable installation