When seeking a reliable commercial electrician Brisbane businesses can trust, it is all about the match! You need a trained and experienced Brisbane electrician who is the right fit for you. Of course, you should also choose an electrician who is trained and qualified. And it also pays to choose a local Brisbane Electrician who is responsive.  Once who understands your requirements. At JTB Electrical, we don’t look too much different from any other electrician in Brisbane! Obviously, a commercial electrician needs to have the qualifications and experience to handle commercial sized projects. And here at JTB Electrical, we like to do a great job looking after our residential clients, as well as our commercial projects. There is a particular challenge that comes with providing excellent service on commercial projects.  Fortunately for our valued clients, we have the right team to support that challenge.

Commercial Electrician Brisbane

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We are electricians based in the western suburbs of Brisbane. Our expertise covers a wide range of experience in residential and commercial electrical jobs.  We specialise in commercial electrical maintenance and installation works.  Whatever stage your project is up to, we can help.  Whether a new build, electrical installation, or ongoing electrical maintenance and support our services will suit.  We have a broad range of experience in the management of commercial electrical projects, and we have helped clients through all stages of their projects.

Commercial Electrical Fitouts

We understand how exciting it can be if you are preparing for a new shop fitout.  There’s nothing like rushing to meet an opening day milestone!  We love the challenges brought about by fitting in with other tradespeople, because we understand the nature of being a commercial electrician Brisbane businesses rely on.

Commercial projects are all about planning and process, especially if you want things to run smoothly.  We can provide assistance at any stage of the planning process.  It’s ideal to start at requirements specifications, moving onto design and layout, and scheduling of services.  When you choose the right commercial electrician Brisbane businesses, we can help you avoid those costly delays! We can help to schedule the optimal use of resources, and know when to call in the experts.  Whether your commercial needs involve a café, restaurant, retail store or industrial premises, JTB electrical have the experience to get the job done.

JTB Electrical for all kinds of commercial premises

When it comes to electrical safety, it really matters whenever the public is involved.  It is important that all sizes of commercial premises are safe in terms of public usage.  Wherever there is public access, it is important that the business owner can verify the safety of all the users in and around the business.

For example, schools and child care centres have public safety requirements that must be satisfied, for obvious reasons.  We all appreciate the need to keep children safe, as well as staff, parents and visitors. Likewise for other public premises, such as libraries, shops, sports facilities and even public housing.  When it comes to public amenities, it is crucial to choose a commercial electrician from Brisbane who knows and understands the local situation.

Electrical Maintenance of commercial properties

The next most important factor when it comes to public safety, is regular maintenance of commercial properties.  It is important to keep all commercial facilities properly maintained.  And that includes electrical safety.  Why not schedule an annual electrical safety check out from an experienced commercial electrician for your Brisbane property?

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You may need to check all safety systems are working correctly,  including a check of the integrity of all internal cables.  A common requirement is to test the electrical safety equipment such as electrical safety switches and fire alarms.  Particularly important is to test emergency lighting and exit signs.  All of these electrical safety systems have been designed and installed with the safety of the public in mind.  So, it is vital that a commercial electrician is called in to check that everything is working properly.

Lighting for commercial properties

If you have already guessed, here at JTB Electrical, we have an eye for detail.  So we like to provide services others won’t always think about.  And one of the most commonly overlooked features is excellent lighting.  All commercial and industrial properties – no matter how big or how small – need effective lighting.  Almost all commercial premises from workshops, office spaces, retail premises, garages and heavy industry rely of good lighting.  It may come as a surprise, but the best commercial electricians know all about lighting systems.  After all it pays to keep up with the latest in energy efficient lighting systems.  This is because they provide the best functionality for your commercial amenities, but also save you running costs.

Give us a call for advice and support for the most cost effective lighting solutions for your commercial property.  We can also offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep your property looking and feeling great!

Commercial Electrician Brisbane

When you need a commercial electrician Brisbane businesses, you need one with the right qualifications and experience.  So, call JTB Electrical today.  We can help you with all your electrical needs from fit out, to lock up.  When you need help with electrical safety systems, call us.  We can also help you with wiring design and layout, data cabling or energy efficient lighting.  What you’re after not listed? Be sure to call us.  JTB Electrical are the right fit for your business.

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