There are enormous benefits from designing and installing a new electrical system in your property.  Sure, you get the assurance of a brand new and reliable electrical system.  And you also get the peace of mind that your family and property are safe.  So when you want to look after the safety of your family and your property, call JTB Electrical.  You will be able to speak to an experienced and qualified Brisbane electrician to give you the guidance you need.

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New electrical systems are an investment

There is no doubt that designing and installing a completely new electrical system can be costly.  But there are occasions when it can be worthwhile considering a new installation instead of a makeover.  Of course, if you’re considering a new property build, you’ll need a new system.  In addition, though, if you are adding an extension or undertaking renovations, a new electrical system may also be advisable.  JTB Electrical offer advice through the decision making process for those needing assistance.

Brisbane Electrician

Local Brisbane Electrician

JTB Electrical is a locally based and certified electrician based in Brisbane, South East Queensland.  We offer our clients a full range of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical services.  Based in Sinnamon Park, we service clients throughout the western suburbs of Brisbane and beyond.  We specialise in a wide range of electrical services, including:

  • safety inspections,
  • installation of new circuits,
  • earth leakage devices,
  • air conditioning circuits,
  • and new electrical systems.

Although we operate as an electrician in Brisbane doing repairs and everyday electrical work, this isn’t all we do.  We often install completely new electrical systems in new homes, extensions and renovations.

JTB Electrical are experts in electrical systems

Here at JTB Electrical, we can help you with all aspects of planning, designing or installing a new electrical system.  Furthermore, we keep up to date with the latest safety standards to assure you of the best quality service.  We also stay up to date with the latest trends and requirements in:

  • LED lighting,
  • internet connectivity of appliances,
  • NBN installations,
  • data cabling,
  • automatic sensors,
  • and remote controlled devices.

Whatever the type of modern devices you need to install in your new or existing home, JTB Electrical aims to be the best choice of Brisbane electrician for the job.

Do you want a custom built dream home?

If you have big dreams, you wouldn’t be alone!  And if you need advice or assistance with installing the most modern electrical systems, then we offer personalised service.  We can discuss tailored solutions with you.  So if it’s the latest technology that you want in your home, we are one of the best choices of Brisbane electrician.  For electricians experienced in smart wiring systems and connectivity right around your house, we can help.  When you want a Brisbane electrician that you can rely on, then call JTB Electrical.

electrician Brisbane West
Smart wiring systems

There is a lot of planning and design involved in making sure that you get the very best electrical system installation.  In our business, we think of everything!  We can provide design and support services for all aspects of electrical installations.  So up-to-date power and lighting circuits are no problem.  Design of completely modern electrical services, including data cabling, internet, telephone and television connections.  We also make sure that you have the full flexibility on locations for power outlets, light switches as wells as communications, data, and internet outlets.  We like to set ourselves apart from other Brisbane Electricians by offering you as much flexibility as possible.

Brisbane Electricians need to be smart also!

There is a wide range of electrical services that you need to consider when designing a new electrical installation.  And also remember that you need a clever Brisbane electrician on board prior to commencing a new building or major renovation!  As soon as you sign a contract with a builder, you should have a skilled Brisbane electrician on the team.  JTB Electrical are great team players and would love to assist!  It is important to include electrical system planning as early as possible in the building process to ensure all contingencies are taken in account.  For example, underground services including power and data cabling need to be installed prior to starting construction.  Call us today, and we can discuss some of the planning requirements early in the building process.electrician Brisbane West

What services do JTB Electrical offer?

We offer the complete range of Brisbane electrician services for new build homes, extensions to existing homes, as well as renovation projects.  Our electrical services for new build homes include the following:

  • Design, planning and installation of electrical systems for new builds
  • Energy efficient designs and modern electrical systems
  • Air conditioning circuit installation
  • Modern lighting systems, energy efficient products
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Audio visual systems
  • Data cabling systems
  • NBN installation
  • Safety switch and smoke detector installation
  • Electrical system assessment, fault finding, repair and maintenance
  • Mains power board upgrade
  • Renovation and upgrade projects
  • Electrical safety advice, electrical test and tag
  • Swimming pool electrical installation, garden lighting and other outdoor electrical systems

Brisbane electricians who understand Energy Efficiency

Now more than ever, it is important to design energy efficient electrical systems into new home builds.  The latest in modern lighting systems can go a long way towards conserving the power usage in your home.  So it’s good to know that JTB Electrical are experts at modern lighting installations.  We can provide the best options for ambient lighting, bright living spaces, and cosy relaxation spaces.  If you care for sustainable energy usage and energy efficient homes, then JTB Electrical are the people to call.  We are the Brisbane electricians to consult for how to incorporate the very latest design innovations in your home.

Why choose JTB Electrical?

We are a local team of experienced electricians operating throughout Brisbane and the western suburbs.  We focus on providing the best customer service, and high quality electrical systems.  No matter whether you need an electrical system design for a new home build, or you need to repair or renovate your existing home, we have the right experience for the job.  We maintain the strictest safety standards, so your family and property will never be at risk.   At JTB Electrical, we spend the time to talk with our clients to make sure we are meeting your expectations.  We are a Brisbane electrician that you can rely on!

Call JTB Electrical today!