In the hands of a professional electrician, lighting can turn from a necessity to a well-coordinated symphony of radiance.  Yet, for many of us the lighting installation we enjoy in our homes, workplace, gyms, and restaurants is just an afterthought. But aside from the aesthetic aspect of having good quality lighting, there are many other positives to it for both residential and commercial applications.

Furthermore, testing, installing, and repairing your lighting installations and appliances can be very rewarding. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your lights in good working condition.

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Types of Lighting Installations

As you may be aware, we briefly discuss the two types of light installations on our website page, Lights, Fans and Power Points. First, we have lighting appliances like table lamps, which need to be plugged in. Ideally, these should be safety tested regularly to ensure that they work as intended and the bulbs don’t short out.

Then we might also have a lighting installation that runs on a separate circuit from the rest of the building. Recessed wall lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, and flood lights are good examples. A fault with these products, their wiring, the switches or the fittings might cause the circuit to trip.  Left unchecked, a lighting circuit that trips regularly could be very dangerous.

Benefits of Good Lighting


Having bad lights at home or at work is like trying to light the fuse of hazard. It goes without saying that light can help keep you and those around you safe. Poorly lit areas are accidents waiting to happen. And whether you’re a landlord, a restaurateur, or a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that there are good, consistent, and bright sources of light around your staircases, ramps, storefronts, or driveways, for example.


Light is a fail-safe way to deter opportunistic burglars and protect your premises. And when your equipment is approved by an electrician lighting can also give you peace of mind. Additionally, getting the green light from a qualified electrician can sometimes help lower your insurance premium.

Job performance.

Nobody likes flickering fluorescent lights overhead in the middle of a meeting. But it’s not just flickering lights that affect productivity. Good lighting is essential for people who spend much of their day in an office, away from natural sunlight, and in front of a screen.

For one thing, the intensity, location, and brightness of the light can have an impact on the employee’s efficiency. Strategically placed spotlights and LEDs can help employees focus, make them feel more at ease, and improve their general mood.

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Lighting can help set the mood for a meal, a date, a stroll, a live performance, etc. Whether you’re using your lighting equipment to impress your better half with exquisite décor, stimulate a diner’s appetite, or see if your customer has a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with good quality light.


People’s circadian rhythms are affected by the type of light they’re exposed to. So, poor light can affect sleeping patterns and cause fatigue. To make matters worse, being exposed to faint light, screen glare, and bright lights can cause health issues like eye-strain, headaches, migraines, and pain due to poor posture.

How JTB Electrical Can Help

At JTB Electrical, we specialize in everything electric. With help from a fully qualified JTB electrician lighting doesn’t need to be just an afterthought anymore. Our staff have well-rounded professional backgrounds and they’re ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’re interested in minor home repairs, rewiring, installing dimmers and switches, or large-scale commercial projects, we’re standing by to help. Be it deck lighting, floodlighting, emergency lighting, or just making your home ‘green’, you’re in good hands with JTB Electrical.

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