Getting through a Brisbane summer isn’t easy without air conditioning, so if it is time to get a new wall mounted split system or replace an existing system we can provide installation options for any room of your property and provide advice for the correct size and placement to optimise running costs as well as work within your budget.

If your existing system isn’t working properly, we can also inspect and undertake repairs to get things up and running again.

We can supply new systems from one of our preferred suppliers or you can choose to purchase your own split system and we can install it for you.

We are an ARCtick certified business.

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Air Conditioning Installation Services Brisbane

We are proud to provide one of the most reputable air conditioning installation services in Brisbane. To find out what is best for your needs, please get in touch or take a look at or answers to common questions below.

What is the Most Popular Air Conditioning System in Brisbane?

Split system air conditioners are the most common and popular choice for a new air conditioning installation Brisbane. Using reverse-cycle technology, split system air conditioning is normally the most effective, convenient and economical choice.   It truly is an ideal way to bring comfort in both summer and winter seasons here in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

The beauty of these modern systems is they provide heating and cooling to individual rooms.  Depending on the season, the rooms can be heated or cooled.  In addition, individual systems provide their own ‘zone’ – whether rooms, or areas.  They are an efficient and cost-effective solution for residences or small businesses on a tight budget. We can provide air conditioning installation Brisbane in just about any location.  So, Call us!  Find out how we can install a system to provide the ideal solution for cooling and heating your home or office.

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What is a Split System Air Conditioner?

Split System air conditioning is smaller, quieter and less intrusive than a ducted system.  The compressor is installed outside – beside or under the house.  We aim to install it away from the direct sunlight and weather where possible.  Furthermore, we endeavour to choose an area where any noise will not affect your neighbours!

In what is known as a multi-split system, an outdoor compressor runs up to six indoor wall units.  So, this would be one for each room or area of the house. Sometimes a single compressor to single indoor unit system is required.  But this is where we can inspect your property and suggest the best solution.  There are also different styles of indoor units to choose from.  Which you choose usually depends on your style or size of the room.

  • Wall mounted units are the most common
  • Cassettes are a discreet option and only installed in ceilings
  • Console units are installed on either the floor or ceiling depending on the room
  • Multi-systems allow the connection of up to four or six indoor units to one outdoor compressor (depending upon size)

When we assess your property, we can help you decide what units will work best.

What are the Benefits of Split-System Air Conditioning?

Why do many of our customers choose split system air conditioning installation Brisbane? One advantage that split systems have over central air units is this.  Central air conditioning systems tend to lose much needed energy since they’re installed using a duct system. The energy is lost as the cooled/warmed air travels through the ducts.  This is due to ‘heat exchange’ in the ducts. The ducts are insulated, but everything has its own efficiency limit.

Split system units do not use a duct system to deliver the treated air.  Instead, they use electrical wiring and tubing, so they do not experience such heat and energy loss.  This is what makes them more energy efficient than other systems. They are also much easier to install.

Additional advantages of air conditioning installation Brisbane

  • Inverter technology makes them a quieter solution than other AC systems
  • Room temperature regulation is easier
  • More energy efficient than traditional AC systems
  • Reverse-cycle technology enables energy efficient heating in the winter.

Overall, split systems are the most environmentally friendly choice for air conditioning and heating systems. Additionally, since each unit operates individually, you only need to turn on the unit when you use the room.

We Can Help You Decide the Best Option

Is it time for you to install a new air conditioning system?  When it is, our air conditioning installation Brisbane specialists will assess your home or office to design a solution.  The space to be air conditioned is assessed for:

  • room sizes and layout,
  • location of doors and windows, and
  • the options for types and sized of units that are suitable.

We can then advise you as to what types and size units are more suitable and efficient for your home or building.

Once your system installation is complete, regular maintenance and servicing will keep it going at optimum efficiency so it will last for years.

It’s important to note here that JTB Electrical can help with air conditioning in new or old properties.  Many older, established homes are being upgraded.  So, we’re often installing split system air conditioners for Brisbane people in older homes.  However, we do a lot of work in newer areas and developments.  Here, we install air conditioners in new offices and residences as well.  The beauty of working with a new build is the design can nearly always be optimised if it’s considered in the overall design soon enough.  These days, that’s pretty much the norm!

Air Conditioning Service

All air conditioning systems need servicing to ensure top performance and a long service life.  Maintenance can also extend the life of older systems.  It is preferable to service air conditioning units on a regular maintenance schedule, Prevention is better than cure!

JTB Electrical has the expertise to take care of all of your air conditioning service needs, no matter where in you are. Do not delay in getting your air conditioning system serviced!  The savings you will experience in energy and utility costs make a new system installation well worth the investment.

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